About Us

About Us

A Note From the Founder, Chaman Puri,

When my wife and I were younger, we purchased what we thought would be our forever home. Not long after we moved in, we discovered major issues with the construction. When we raised our concerns with the builder, we were told we were past warranty – there was nothing he could do. Our dream home had become a nightmare.

That experience changed my life. In 1983, I founded Classic Homes with the goal that no family would have to experience what we had experienced. We would build homes that exceeded expectations. We would build homes that were beautiful, functional, and made people happy. I am proud that after nearly 40 years in business, that is still exactly what we do.

Today, I run the business along with my son, Vivek, our General Manager, John, and our dedicated team – some of whom have been with us for decades. We operate debt-free and have built a vast network of trusted vendor and subcontracting partners. We honor our promises to every homeowner. To us, it’s simple. Build beautiful, quality homes. Exceed expectations. Make life better for our clients. Our proof we’re getting it right? Our business is built on past-client referrals.

We’ve seen builders come and go with every boom and bust. We’re here to stay. We have a legacy to protect. I invite you to be part of our legacy and join our Classic Homes family.

Chaman Puri, founder and President of Classic Homes, has been involved in the home building industry for over 35 years and has been in construction for almost 50 years. Chaman received his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and went on to earn master’s degrees in Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Concrete Design. He has been in the Washington DC area since 1969 and has seen the dramatic growth of the area and been involved in various aspects of that growth. Upon starting a homebuilding business in 1983, he took a deep interest in providing quality at a great price without sacrificing design.  In fact, the first home he ever built shared engineering principles he used when designing large-scale commercial projects, which the homeowner recognized as setting that home very clearly apart from the competition. Throughout the years, he has developed over 1,000 acres of land, comprising over 1,500 homes in 6 counties. He has brought this vast experience to bear to design homes that are built to last and desirable across the spectrum of tastes, budgets, needs, location, and more as well as help tackle tricky lot situations while keeping costs to a minimum – a skill that is very rare. Chaman has brought this attitude of providing friendly expertise to our homeowners while also focusing on quality, design, value to everyone at Classic Homes.

Vivek,  President of Classic Homes, grew up in McLean and has been around homebuilding since the age of nine, when the family home building business first was started. He attended public schools in Fairfax County, including the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, where he is still actively involved. He knows firsthand the evolving tastes of homeowners in Northern Virginia and the value that families place on education.

After attaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University, Vivek worked at Capital One during its formative years in the late 90s. He then went on to MIT and Harvard, obtaining a graduate degree from each, and worked at Bain as a consultant on strategy and private equity. He joined Classic Homes in 2006 and has spent time in every function, including as an assistant superintendent to gain first-hand experience of the home building process. He has brought his education, cultural and work experience, local upbringing, and family-first mentality to create a team and a company that seeks to provide value, safety, and happiness to its homeowners. In his spare time,  he loves spending time with his wife and children, even showing them houses that we’ve built.

John Halak started his professional career in the US Army and served 9 years in various leadership positions such as Platoon Leader and Company Commander.  Upon leaving the Army, John joined the home building industry. John spent 15 years with several national builders serving in various roles.  John has designed, sold, built and serviced thousands of homes in the DC Metro Area.  He has served in various leadership positions including Vice President of Construction Operations and Division President for several of the largest builders in the country.  John joined Classic Homes in 2018 as the General Manager overseeing the company’s homebuilding operations where he can combine his national homebuilding experience with his entrepreneurial spirit.  Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids.  He is also an avid cyclist who enjoys all types of riding.

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