Supporting our Community

Supporting our Community

Supporting Our Community

Classic Homes is a local business that was founded on family values and is currently family operated, so we understand the importance of giving back to our community. At Classic Homes, our strong sense of community is highlighted by the fact that we live and work in the area. We are part of the community that we helped shape, and enjoy being involved and a central part of VA home builders giving back.

Our work is personal because we take pride in the homes we build that will forever be a part of the Northern Virginia communities that we love and live in.

When it comes to giving back, we know that it’s all about supporting what we love in the area that we live in.

Giving Back to Our Community

Classic Homes is a family owned and operated business, and at our heart is a mission to serve our community. You’ve supported us since 1983 – and we love to give back to you!  

It’s personal for us – our neighborhoods are our livelihoods! We take pride in the homes we build that will forever be a part of the Northern Virginia communities that we love and live in. 

We’re Proud to Support:

First Book

First book is a nonprofit organization that puts books into the hands of kids across the country who do not have easy access to books at home. Now that our homes have become a classroom for the unforeseeable future, the Classic Homes family is grateful for the opportunity to support the education of children across the nation. For every in-person or virtual half-hour or longer meeting we conduct, we will donate $30 to that fund. Beginning August 1st and ending on October 31st our goal is to donate up to $3,000.

New Hope Housing 

We are both honored and excited to be part of a food drive for the New Hope Housing organization which helps individuals and families in the Northern Virginia area fight homelessness. We are so thankful to get together for the first time in months as a family to put together 50 bagged lunches for this wonderful cause. Nothing is more important than a home to call your own and the Classic Homes Family believes the impact of organizations like New Hope Housing are absolutely critical in providing this!

Medical Warriors

We have set up a fund to donate Personal Protective Equipment to people in those roles throughout Northern Virginia. For every half-hour or longer in-person showing or private virtual meeting we conduct, we will donate $30 to that fund. Through that and other efforts, our goal is to contribute up to $5,000.

“Thank you for the recognition and regard you give to nurses and other healthcare professionals. COVID19 has really put a test to my 29 years of commitment to my chosen profession. Despite the fear and anxiety I have each day I go to work, people like you gives me the courage to continue and provide the care and assistance to the people who need medical care. “-J.M.

Thomas Jefferson High School Fundraiser

Reception host for incoming freshmen and support the Thomas Jefferson High’s Partnership Fund. We’re proud to help Northern Virginia children succeed in education.

McLean Little League 

We love baseball at Classic Homes and proudly sponsor teams in McLean. It’s important for us to encourage physical activity, social growth, learning and the love of the game! 

Kinhaven School 5K Race 

Sponsoring this race is another chance to support education and healthy activity. Our friends and families ran to raise funds for this wonderful school. 

Our Neighbors, Our Friends

We are proud to give back to our Northern Virginia neighbors. We look forward to even more opportunities to support and encourage the growth and well-being in our community. 



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