Build On Your Lot

Build On Your Lot

Stop looking for the perfect house and start building the perfect home instead.  

When you build a home on your lot you can either tear down your existing home or purchase a new lot in a different location.  If you love where you live, it’s easier than you think to have your dream home and your dream address. Building a home is a wonderful solution when you can’t imagine leaving your neighborhood but can’t find a home to suit your needs.  

Build on a lot you already own? 

Finding a lot is half the work! Now all that’s left is to choose a floor plan that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle. Let us tear down your existing house and bring new life to an old lot.  

Build on a lot you’re looking to buy?  

If you’re looking to buy a lot our team of experts can help you determine if a particular lot is right for you and will give you a complimentary lot fit evaluation. We’ll help you determine which of our award-winning floor plans will fit your lot.  

In either scenario, our experienced team will help facilitate the permits, identifying a mortgage lender, home design, and final inspection for your new home. Here’s what you can expect when you build a Classic Home.  

We understand that building a customized home is a major life decision and takes a lot of time and financial resources. We aim to make your journey a little smoother. Contact our team today and let’s make your dream home a reality.  


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