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Feng Shui Tips for the Home 

July 28, 2022
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Home can be a haven from the stress of the world. You determine the energy, but some thoughtful planning can help you achieve the balance you want for your life. Here are some feng shui tips that will make your life a little more balanced.


*Avoid a front door lining up with a backdoor. All the good energy will literally go in one door and out the other. If you can put something in the way of these two doors like a couch or a plant that will slow down the loss of good energy.  

*Keep a tidy and clutter free entry way. Add a plant to bring good energy and put away shoes to keep clutter away. 


*Close the bathroom door. The bathroom has negative energy since this is a room that is intended for waste and dirt removal(bathing). If you leave the door open you are allowing bad energy to flow throughout the home 

*Put the lid down. It will help balance the energy in the room.  

*Coneal the toilet. During your planning phase, ask about a water closet in the bathroom. Good energy will not go straight down the toilet drain if it’s hidden.  


*Hide the trashcan. There is no need to be reminded of waste and bad energy. If you can put it under the sink or even better, add a built in trashcan during your planning stage.  

*Put away the knives! Yes a butcher block to store your knives is good but this is also a sign of bad energy. Put them in a drawer. 

*Be thoughtful of the placement of your stove and sink. Do not stick them directly in line with one another, this will cause the elements in this room to be out of balance.


*If you have a mirror in the room, adjust it so it’s not directly looking at the bed. It gives the illusion that there is another person in the room with you. Adjust the mirror so it is facing an attractive view like a plant, a view from a window, or a piece of art.  

*Add pairs of everything for balance. Meaning, two nightstands, two pillows, two seats.

*Get tech out of the bedroom. Make this a place of low energy so you can truly relax and unwind at the end of the day.  

We hope this has been a helpful guide to help you build a balanced home. During your planning phase ask about how we can help you keep your home aligned with your beliefs and we’ll absolutely accomodate!

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