Customer Warranty Services

Customer Warranty Services

Your new home is more than just a building, constructed of wood and bricks, it is your HOME. You can rest assured that we stand behind our work that we perform in your home. We meet with each customer at integral phases throughout construction and ensure our workmanship after settlement by offering a superior comprehensive warranty. In addition to the individual manufacturer warranties provided at settlement, your new home’s coverage includes a five year structural warranty, two year HVAC, electrical and roof warranty, and a one year New Home Warranty.

Five year Structural Warranty – Homeowners are assured that the structure of their new home is warrantied as their home settles into its new environment. This warranty covers any major structural deficiencies including structural cracks in foundation walls and /or any cracks due to defective materials or workmanship that allow infiltration of free flowing water (this is something that very few other builders cover). Purchasers will receive warranty standards with a complete list of coverages.

Two year HVAC, Electrical, and Roof Warranty – For a period of two years, homeowner’s receive a guarantee that their heating and cooling (HVAC) system has been installed in accordance with good HVAC practices, their Electrical systems, excluding wear-and-tear items like light bulbs, is warrantied against defective workmanship or installation; and their roof and roof flashings are to be free from leaks.

One year New Home Warranty – Most Builders have pre-set time frames for warranty inspections following settlement. With Classic Homes, your new home warranty is in effect for one full year. Homeowners may submit warranty requests that meet our warranty specifications and standards as needed throughout the year.

Emergency Services – We provide important contact information for our sub-contractors to our Homeowners.In the rare event a homeowner requires emergency service, they may contact the responsible sub-contractor directly, as well as our warranty services manager. This allows homeowners to receive more immediate attention.

When in need of EMERGENCY SERVICE, other than the contacts provided at settlement, please call 703.491.0700 between 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday and ask for Warranty.
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