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4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

June 2, 2021
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The changing of the season is always an exciting time. Especially when summer is on the rise. The time for vacations, family and friends, cookouts, warmer days, and lazy evenings. Just like you put your heavy winter clothing away and pull out your beach gear, your home will also need a change here and there. Here are four tips to help you prepare your home for summer so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Areas

You might have done this a bit in spring, but if your grill or porch hasn’t been touched since the last summer, it’s time to give it a little TLC. We knew how much you’ll want to be outside for summer, so now is the time to prepare.

  • Clean Out Gutters
  • Scrub Down the Grill (and do any grill maintenance work as needed)
  • Ensure All Your Outside Furniture is Still Safe to Use
  • Wash Outside Furniture Cushions, Pillows, and Rugs
  • Clean Out Garage and Sheds and Repair Sheds As Need
  • Check Long Equipment to Ensure It Runs Properly

Prepare for Warmer Weather

If there is anything Virginia is none for, it’s a hot summer. Not only does the sunshine brighter and the heat rises, but the humidity can make it seem even warmer. No one likes a stuffy, uncomfortably warm house in the summer heat. Take the time now to ensure everything is ready, so you and your family can sit cool and easy.Change the Rotation of the Ceiling Fan

  • Dust-Off Ceiling Fan
  • Change HVAC Filters and Ensure Cooling System is Ready
  • Switch Curtains to Black Out Curtains
  • Change Heavy Blankets, Sheets, and Duvets to Lighter Linens

Prepare for Pests and Critters

We love warmer weather, your family loves warmer weather, and bugs love warmer weather. Summer is fantastic but can easily be ruined by pesky little visitors.

  • Spray Outside Areas with Pest Control or Hire a Pest Control Company
  • Keep Gutters Clean
  • Cover Outside Containers with a Tight Lid
  • Inspect Outside of Home to Ensure There Are No Cracks or Entry Ways for Pests to Enter Your Home
  • Seal or Fix Any Cracks or Critter Entry Ways
  • Clean Bird Baths and Ensure There Are No Areas of Standing Water In Your Yard

Add Summer Decor

Your home is ready for summer, now all that’s left to do is decorate. Put away all those heavy materials and colors and embrace the change of season. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Put out a new welcome mat
  • Add outside lights to your porch
  • Put stepping stones in your garden
  • Add nautical decor and shells in your bathroom
  • Change pillows and throws for bright summer colors

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